The many benefits of a joint facility

For USC Aiken

  • Golf practice area on the USC Aiken campus, without incurring development and maintenance;
  • Serves as an excellent recruiting tool for USC Aiken’s nationally recognized golf program;
  • Provides increased capacity for the addition of women’s golf in the future;
  • Opportunity for USC Aiken students, faculty, staff, alumni and donors to play golf or learn the game with minimal expense;
  • Enhances commitment to the community through a dynamic partnership;
  • Opportunity for USC Aiken students to perform community service in tutoring and mentoring programs.

For First Tee - Aiken

  • Permanent home that is well suited for its specific needs;
  • Better geographic location than current location;
  • Long term, affordable home for programming and outreach;
  • Safe haven for our participants;
  • Access to USC Aiken students to assist with tutoring and mentoring programs;
  • Accessible, affordable and convenient golf and practice facility;
  • Extended programming hours due to dedicated practice area, lighted space, and golf holes available for play;
  • Excellent venue for fund raising activities;
  • Ability to extend its National School Program by having space to hold a year end School Challenge Championship (this activity has proven very successful for several chapters, but its current facility isn’t suitable for this event);
  • Partnership offers great possibilities in all areas from grants to joint programs to community relationships and more;
  • Accessibility for those with disabilities.